Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pumpkin and Bittersweet Needle Punch Box

This is a duplicate design from a needlepunch I did last year and sold. I couldn't believe it but I came across an identical box last week. I decided to use the same pattern. Plain and simple, just a ripe old pumpkin with 2 bittersweet branches and two mustard leaves punched on a brown background. It is finished off with a mustard color cord. I did the punching on weavers cloth with Valdani & dmc threads. It is attached to the box with an acid free adhesive spray and small tack nails for extra security. The old brown box has a slant on the inside which would be perfect to lay a wood laddle in perhaps for scooping up some putka pods or potpourri mix. For display purposes I used some tiny pinecones. The box measures 9"wide x 6" high and 4 " deep. It will be signed, dated and copyright 2011 on the bottom. A fun box to decorate up with some Fall goodies.
*SOLD* Thank You!
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