Thursday, March 11, 2010

Needle Punch Bee Skep


My second offering this week is for my Needle Punch Bee Skep. It looks very old punched with the darker background threads and has the feel of an old carpet or rug. I used Valdani threads, punched on weavers cloth and then mounted to this old wood pan with acid free adhesive and carpet tacks. I think this unusual board was some kind of dust pan or bread crumb catcher. I'm not for sure on that, but I just thought it was a neat board. There are also some curly etching in the wood. There is a slot at the top for hanging on a nail. I slipped a piece of brown suede cord through the slot for hanging longer. It can be removed it you want. The measurements are 7" wide by 6" long. A one of a kind designed and punched by me. It will be signed, dated and copyright.

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