Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bee Skep Hanging Stitchery


I have stitched on a little hanging pinkeep stitchery of a bee skep, bees and some curly vines. It was stitched all in very dark brown almost black with 2 strands of dmc threads on Moda fabric. I used a waxy dark brown twine for the hanger which was attached with rusty safety pins, bells and bows. It's an adorable spring thyme hanger for a peg, nail or knob. It was very lightly coffee dyed, the backing (which I forgot to photo is tan with tiny white flowers, take my word for it, it is pretty and compliments the front perfectly). I stuffed it with some polyfil and muslin snipets. The measurements are a tiny 3"wide x 5"long. Designed and stitched by me, it will be copyright, dated and signed. Bring some spring into your home, its long overdue!!

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Thanks, Lynn

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